A Taste of Some New Work

I have been spending my time in the studio taking full advantage of the short time I have off between illustration jobs, gardening/container design jobs, and life as a professor at art school. My love of the esoteric has beckoned me farther into the dark depths of alchemy and hermetic symbolism. There is so much for me to trudge through, so much to explore. The chaos within matches the chaos that is my studio at the moment.

Besides a few small pieces (3"x3" of course 3 and its square are my favorite numbers) that illustrate three stages of the alchemical process (Nigredo, Albedo, and Rubedo) I have been working on a 3' x4' piece. This piece is an exploration of something different within my body of work. It seems to have been a long time coming, actually. I'm not worried about realism but just in the act of painting, of the act of creation itself.

Here is a taste of this work in progress...

You can keep updated on what I'm up to and the progress of this painting through my Instagram.