Saint Gitche Gumee

This piece is a representation of the conflicts arising out of new legislature in Michigan that would allow for the hunting of wolves. I have followed the discourse surrounding this issue since the beginning and have been able to expand my knowledge on the subject and see the deeper issues at play after reading "Of Wolves and Men" by Barry Lopez. Wolves have been persecuted for centuries and nearly exterminated due to the hatred and evil symbolism humans continually impose upon them. It is estimated that one million wolves were killed, or more, during the years 1850 to 1900. This is in America alone... 

Rifle bullets orbit her, a reference to the new hunting legislation and the years of persecution and hatred. A silver bullet calls upon humanities’ fear of themselves in relation to their hatred of their own animality; the beast within; the werewolf. Her yellow eyes glow with a knowledge and power against her dark from which settles like a shadow amongst the icy shoreline. She stares in a focused trance beyond the viewer. In this way I make her non-confrontational and invite deep contemplation form the viewer.

Something mysterious happens to us when we hear the howl of a wolf, or look into the eyes of a wolf. Something familiar is calling back to us, or looking back to us. Ourselves? Yes, but we also see the other…The ‘other’ is very important because it is through the presence and respect for the ‘other’ that we recognize and heal
— Renee Askiins
3' x 2'   Oil on Board

3' x 2'   Oil on Board